Evan Williams Kentucky Slush

  Bourbon has never been this refreshing!

Bourbon has never been this refreshing!

Evan Williams Kentucky Slush blends Evan Williams Bourbon with the natural taste of lemonade, orange juice, and sweet tea for a slushy, cool-down cocktail that is a breeze to make.

Best served frozen - simply pour Evan Williams Kentucky Slush into any container that fits your party, from individual cups to large party bowls. Or, freeze it in the bottle, remove strainer from the pour spout, then squeeze out. 

Don’t have time to freeze it? Not a problem. Create instant slush by blending with ice or simply serve on the rocks for the perfect summer cocktail.

Frozen, poured or blended, these are perfect party cocktails!

Posted on August 15, 2014 and filed under Featured Libations.